Your back is a surprisingly complex, even impractical system. At our Edmonds chiropractor, it is our job to bring this system back into line when it falls out of order.

Chiropracty is based around the theory that many physical ailments can be linked to an imbalance in the spine. As the spinal column is a delicate series of bones that houses many of your significant nerves and blood vessels, a tiny fault in your back can have debilitating effects all across your body. A few tight muscles in your neck can cripple you with headaches. A little bit of bad posture can send pain all the way down your arms. If even one of your disks falls a bit out of place, your entire leg can go numb. Instability, vision problems, and even nausea can have roots in your spine. This is the curse of the human back, and one that we work to rectify.

The treatments we offer are designed to target the sources of your problems and engage the natural healing processes of your body. With all the demands that we place upon our backs throughout the day, many injuries have trouble healing by themselves and require chiropractic adjustment to help them recover. Other times, a crippling pain is being caused by a simple bad habit that we can help you identify. It takes a knowledgeable mind and a trained hand to navigate the intricate workings of your back, and we can provide both.

If you’re suffering from whiplash, sports injuries, pregnancy-related aches, bad posture, or any other of a myriad of back problems, take a look through our selection of services. You’re sure to find the right treatment to rid you of your pain and get your back in action once again!


Digital X-rays

Historically, one of the hardest parts of chiropractic work has been diagnosing the problem. That is why our Edmonds chiropractor makes uses of digital x-ray technology, to take a lot of the waiting and a lot of the guesswork out of discovering the cause of your back problems. Digital radiography systems allow us to produce a computer image if your x-ray almost immediately, making use of contrast sensitivity to detect small changes in your body and enhance the effectiveness of your treatment like never before. And the best news is that it’s far safer than a traditional x-ray system, delivering anywhere between thirty and one-hundred times less radiation!


Cold Laser Therapy

The next generation of pain relief is here at our Edmonds chiropractic clinic! Cold laser therapy makes use of low-energy laser beams to target inflamed tissues in your back, reducing your inflammation, restoring blood flow, and stimulating your natural healing processes. Clinical tests have even shown it to be effective in combating edema. It’s fast, it’s revolutionary, and it’s completely non-invasive!


Decompression Therapy

Many back problems are caused by excess pressure in certain parts of the spine. This is where our Edmonds chiropractor likes to make use of decompression therapy. Through the simple use of a decompression table, we are able to stretch out trouble parts of your back and neck in order to relieve pain and open up constricted disks to restorative blood flow. For many people it is a safe and effective alternative to surgical procedures.


Traction Therapy

For some of the more problematic cases at our Edmonds chiropractic clinic, we use mechanical traction devices to supplement treatment. In this way we are able to pull at the spine and the surrounding tissues, training them to make space around compressed spinal disks. This can decrease pain by reducing inflammation and taking pressure off of spinal nerves, and can be a good choice for many people suffering from chronic back problems.


Percussion Therapy

A few tight muscles can cause you a surprising amount of pain. For cases like this, our Edmonds chiropractor can employ percussion therapy. This is a simple treatment that uses a percussive device to massage your back muscles. The rapid beating of the device sends a high-frequency vibration into your tissues, which is effective in flushing away toxins and loosening up trouble muscles.


Massage Therapy

Sometimes there’s just nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned massage. The massage therapists at our Edmonds chiropractor have special training to seek out problematic muscles and bring effective relief to your back pain. Hands-on massage is safe, intuitive, and can be customized to be as gentle or as deep as makes you comfortable.