The Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

What is a Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome or FSS is a painful and debilitating shoulder condition characterized by very limited arm movement and severe pain at the slightest move. Affecting more women than men, it can be confused with cervical radiculitis, rotator cuff strain and bursitis or tendonitis. True FSS will always have inflammation and scar tissue formation of the joint capsule.

While patients who suffer from FSS usually have a prior injury to the shoulder, the cause is still not clear. It is a condition more common in 20% of diabetics. However, the following issues have been associated with increased Fss risks: Parkinson’s disease, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, cardiac disease or a recent surgery.

This progressive condition is characterized by three stages – the freezing stage – pain gets worse over time which limits movement more and more, lasting several weeks to months. The frozen stage is when the shoulder has reached its maximum restricted pattern; pain may have subsided and only felt if the shoulder is moved beyond its restriction. You will not be able to reach behind your back and cannot bring the hand above the height of the shoulder. This stage can take 9 months. The last – thawing stage – the shoulder begins to thaw and become pain-free in 12 to 18 months with increased range of motion, as by natural healing.

Consider a chiropractor for your frozen shoulder where other treatments had failed, including physical therapy and pain killing medications. There is no need to wait for the shoulder to thaw Chiropractic adjustments are concentrated on manipulating the frozen shoulder joint and the area at the base of the neck. Restoring proper movement in the spine can help assist proper nerve function in the shoulder area. This can contribute to your recovery. Exercise and stretching are contributory.

Chiropractic Care in Edmonds for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Check out our Edmonds chiropractic professional and wait no more for your frozen shoulder to heal itself. While it may be a long healing process, every advancement in motion range and decrease in pain is an improvement in your quality of life.


Unbalanced Muscular Strength

When you exercise, a certain degree of pain should be expected in your muscles. After all, it’s by inflicting tiny tears in your muscular tissues that you are able to develop stronger muscles. However, if you find that you experience particularly bad neck or back pain that you cannot account for, you may need to rethink your workout.

One of the problems you might be suffering from is an imbalance in your muscular strength. If one shoulder is weaker than the other, for example, it will get tired more quickly and inflict extra strain on your back and neck muscles while you do push-ups or pull ups. If this is the case, it may be a simple matter of building up the weaker muscle, or it may be caused by a hypermobile joint or previous injury that cannot be as easily resolved. Consult our chiropractic in Edmonds to learn more about developing a workout routine that will work best for you.

Your Body Weight vs. Your Back

Are you wondering why you have back pain? There’s a good chance that your weight is the culprit. Our Edmonds chiropractor sees many patients who are either overweight or underweight and, sure enough, the advice that we frequently have to give them is that they need to either lose or gain weight in order to free themselves of back problems.

It’s easy enough to see why an overweight person is prone to back pain. When you’re packing on the fat, you’re carrying more weight for your spine to have to support. Of course, this doesn’t mean that overly thin people are in the clear; if somebody’s tiny waistline is due to an eating disorder, this could mean that their bones aren’t getting the nutrients that they need. Anorexics commonly suffer from bone loss, which results in a weaker and more brittle spine.

The best way to maintain a strong back is to stay in shape and maintain a proper body weight. Visit your chiropractor for additional advice on how to achieve this.